Why Neuroptimal?

A boy during a neurofeedback session A boy during a neurofeedback session A boy during a neurofeedback session A boy during a neurofeedback session

Brain Training

Brain training using NeurOptimal is a drug free, reward-based training system for your brain. Training your brain is a non-invasive way to improve unwanted symptoms. To train your brain, EEG sensors are used to monitor your brainwaves. The goal is to create a lasting change in the electrical activity of your brain. NeurOptimal provides your Central Nervous System with information by providing it with negative feedback when your brainwaves are not functioning within an optimal range. This feedback is provided through pauses in the music or movie telling your brain to pay attention and adjust. Over time your brain learns to more consistently function within the optimal range and this then alleviates many of your symptoms.

Achieve Family Therapy supports balanced self-care for good health. Much of the time people are aware of the need for exercise. You may even know to go in and get a physical, get your teeth cleaned and shoot for eight hours of sleep a night. Even though we all know this is good for our health, we still struggle in our fast paced, stressed out lives to find the time to do the things we know are good for us. Treating your brain to NeurOptimal is treating yourself to a moment to slow down, practice mindfulness and let your brain naturally find balance. With optimized balance within your brain, you are now in the best state of mind to accomplish and achieve your goals.

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Developed by Clinical Psychologists, NeurOptimal is a Dynamic Neurofeedback brain training system. The system works directly with your central nervous system so it can naturally improve cognitive performance, deepen sleep and enhance your focus. By training regularly, the brain is able to release patterns that are getting in the way of it functioning well.

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Finding Peace

Several things can throw your brain chemistry out of balance. Sometimes it is our genetics. Other times it has more to do with environmental factors, trauma or stress. Whatever the reason there is now a simple, powerful and safe way to self-optimize and balance your brain using this advanced neuro-technology. Participating in a neurofeedback session is simple, peaceful and stress free. It is a gift of love that you can give to yourself.

Self Care

Click on an option to see more information about the various benefits neurofeedback can have on your personal self-care as well as ideas on how you can develop a more balanced self-care strategy.

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Package Options


$1000 $650

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10 sessions of Neurofeedback.


$1067 $850

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10 Neurofeedback sessions including mindfulness practice and self-care strategies.

Neuro & Therapy

$2250 $1800

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A prepaid 10-week program. Two 45 Minute Sessions a week -- a Nuerofeedback session including self-care strategies and a 45-minute therapy session targeting therapeutic goals.

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